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10/4/2020 – 5pm

Last evening was Maundy Thursday, and six players from the village Muker Silver Band played a local song “Swaledale” to show support to all the key workers helping during the UK virus control plan #NHS. Such a lovely way to love thy neighbour.

Imagine our surprise and joy today on Good Friday to find another virtual booking to stay over this weekend! Guests, from the USA whom we met a few years ago have shown such generosity, thoughtfulness and kindness. 


5/4/2020 – noon

Still a wait and see game to guess how we may fair financially, particularly in two months time onwards. Today, we received an amazing show of financial support from a local business, who also is facing financial uncertainty.

At this point, we have explored every avenue of business and self-employment support currently announced. We remain excluded from all schemes. However, between caring for the family and trying to fit in a little painting, we carry on researching possible avenues of income.

We ask any of you reading our posts to share amongst friends, colleagues and neighbours; to ask that when things are more certain, they book and stay with us in 2020 so we can earn our income to take us through winter. As ever we thank those also who have made and kept their bookings for June 2020 onwards.

24/3/2020 – 4pm

We were waiting for Government for an announcement regarding a support package for the self-employed before launching our Covid-19 Virtual Room Support plan.

This afternoon we were blown away when a previous guest from overseas booked a three night virtual stay for this weekend as his show of support, having read the post below. thank you so much.

Later today, or maybe tomorrow now, we will try again to post some tactics on our website to generate some future bookings for when restricted movement is removed. To re-iterate, any bookings made during the Covid-19 period is full refundable if you are unable to come, providing you give at least 24 hours notice. Perhaps you could consider a booking for August or during those crisper Autumn months. Once our standard trading terms & conditions are re-instated we will give good clear notice this is going to happen.

22/3/2020 – 10pm

We’re a cash flow reliant business, and without a pledge from the Government to support the self-employed pretty soon we will be in dire straits. There’s been a few letters sent to a pretty big number of MP’s over the last few days and ours are amongst them. In all 62 at the last count from us, and yes we’ve had our first supportive reply.

We’re holding off for now, as many of our advance bookings have held off asking for a refund. However, in the coming days we might need to ask for support and hope to sell for our empty rooms; to be bought and then left unoccupied to cover our basic operational costs. As you know we live on site and have no other means of supporting ourselves financially due to my health care and therapy needs and John caring for me.

In the meantime if you can book a room for later in the year we really need to earn our living for 2020 before 31/12/2020.

22/3/2020 – 10pm

Essential travel, the Department for Health and Social Care said, “does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays”

With this in mind, please remember we have no other income source, and really would appreciate your bookings for 12, 16, or 20 weeks time. Like many self-employed and disabled working we have no flexibility to earn alternative income.

21/3/2020 – 10pm

COVID 19 – Weekend Update

21/3/2020 – 8pm

There’s understandable concern from the police that rural & seaside tourist hot spots were overwhelmed today. Our current thoughts to our guests who have already booked and paid, is to help us by changing your dates towards the end of this year if you can.  Clearly, our ideas to carry on are under review.

21/3/2020 – 1pm

Like many businesses, we are continuing to operate in an ever changing environment.

The under 70’s, and those without underlying health conditions are being encouraged to remain active:


We currently operate two rooms at Bridge House and will be mindful of the guidelines regarding social distancing. Breakfast will continue to be our full menu or you could opt for the light option. Please tell us 48 hours before arrival which option you prefer.

The light option will include all our usual breakfast items, but not the cooked bit! So – juices, milk, hot drink selection, cereal, yogurt, fresh fruits, hot toasted homemade bread, butter, marmalade and jam. You’ll then also collect our standard packed lunch of homemade buttered bread hunks, cheese, vege bits, fruit, nuts, cake and a drink.

Many local businesses remain open with takeaway options instead of indoor tables. These might give you some ideas – they’re updating as soon as new information is received:





Some of you may prefer to bring your takeaway back to Bridge House, we’ll arrange clean plates, glasses and cutlery. Another option is to bring some microwave meals from your local shops. There will be a microwave in the breakfast room, which will be cleaned between uses.

We will welcome any visitors with our usual warmth and hospitality.

Please remember if you show signs or symptoms of Coronavirus 19 or have been in contact with anyone who does, please cancel your booking immediately. If you’re already here our local GP and hospital services need you to go home and self-isolate.

Our temporary trading terms and conditions are full refunds for any cancellation made more than 24 hours before due arrival.

As we are self-employed we’d clearly welcome all visitors who decide to travel and enjoy the freedom of open access walking in the Yorkshire Dales.

Please spread the word amongst friends and family to come and enjoy a visit to Yorkshire sometime in the near future, or when things settle down.

Thanks so much for your support of a small rural business

John & Anna



Swaledale really is a well kept secret. In the winter time it’s a haven of peace, tranquillity, birds and wildlife. In fact it’s just the same as the summer time – only a little quieter! You don’t need to go far once you get here. Take a gentle stroll down to the River Swale and back to the village pub. For those who enjoy a challenge, walks are available round and about – Thwaite, Keld, Hawes, Gunnerside and Reeth. An ideal location for a romantic country holiday.

Why not try a 3 night stay for just £180 per room and discover the beauty of the Dale in its winter coat or its springtime glory.

Guests wanting to pay by cheques, cash or BACS transfer use the online booking system to reserve your dates. Skip the online payment request. Then contact us by email to advise how you wish to pay. Bookings are reserved for 10 days pending payment.

Price available automatically via the online booking system during School Term Time from November to April.

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